About Us

Do you vision a world where clothes are made with nature's best in mind? Where your favorite t-shirt, hoodie and dress is made to last and manufactured in a way that neither hurts the earth nor the things living on it. Do you believe in eco-conscious clothes and processes - made by people who care?

Then you are one of us.

The global consumption of clothes has more than doubled over the last ten years, causing the environment to suffer. Clothing companies are lowering their prices by offering low quality clothes, making people buy more clothes than ever before. While big corporations’ only seem to care about more money in the bank and consumers merely look at the numbers on the price tag, the environment is screaming for help.  

We want to change that. In fact, we already are. In several ways. 

  • High quality products that last longer, so you don’t have to buy new ones as often. 
  • One planted tree for every item sold, to help the earth recover. 
  • A vegan-only brand approved by PETA, to make sure no animals are harmed. 
  • Manufacturing processes with the ambition to comply with Global Organic Textile (GOTS) and Fairwear standards. 

We do it because we care. About the environment. The animals. The people. But also because we love fashion. That’s why we design clothes that make a statement every time you wear them. 

Our strong faith in a more sustainable future is what led us here. And together with you, it will lead us even further. Join us!


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